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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Etisalat warns customers of phone call scam

    Etisalat warns customers of phone call scam

    by Joanna HartleyThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  on Sunday, 01 February 2009
    PRIZE SCAM: Etisalat customers are being targeted by a Pakistani phone scam. (Getty Images)

    Etisalat has issued a warning to its customers of a scam that involves fraudsters posing as its employees who tell customers they have won cash prizes, it was announced on Sunday.

    The Abu Dhabi-based telecommunications company has said the scam asks people for their personal information so they can claim the prize, which is then used to rip them off.

    The company has confirmed it is not running any prize schemes at present.

    And is urging customers not to give out any confidential information such as bank account details, PINs, eVouchers or recharge card numbers to unknown callers who contact them via phone, SMS or email.  


    expatriates said...


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    Good luck


    pando said...

    Just a minute ago I also received a call from 050-2337908 and he said the same thing 200,000/-. I, have been seeing so many types of scams in years, therefore obviously I did not fall for it. He asked me to call back on the same number, I told him I do not have credit, so he insisted to charge your card quick and then call. I said OK.
    Now I am waiting for him to call again, coz to him, i really fell for it :)
    As soon as he wil call back, I will bombard him with the whole set of, abuses and curses I ever heard anywhere. :)
    I wonder why there is no option to report such an incident, when we have the number too.

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