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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    World Mate Mobile Travel service

    Etisalat to introduce World Mate Mobile Travel service

    28 May 2008

    ABU DHABI - Corporate executives and businessmen challenged by their busy lifestyle and constant travel plans can now find a solution to managing their travel itinerary with Etisalat announcing plans to introduce the World Mate Live application which operates on BlackBerry Smart phones.

    World Mate Live is a first-of-its-kind mobile travel service empowering frequent fliers with travel information in real-time. World Mate Live acts as a personal Travel Assistant by automatically delivering valuable content and services to a customer’s Blackberry device removing stress and paperwork from their travel experience while saving them time and money. The application pushes context-aware features such as flight alerts, flight notifications and meeting notifications. It also features flight schedules, car rentals, maps, world clocks and a currency converter.

    "The introduction of the World Mate Mobile Application for Blackberry will transform a user’s Blackberry device into an extremely versatile tool so that users can plan their travel itineraries in time through a very convenient and intuitive method, said Abdulla Hashim, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Etisalat. "We would like to support our local community of Blackberry users by empowering them with such innovative applications and we will look to add more value added applications in the near future".

    World Mate Live can start tracking a user’s itinerary in real-time, showing details and suggestions when required. For example, when a flight is delayed or cancelled, a user can be notified immediately and then presented with alternative flights for the desired destination. Upon arrival, they will be greeted with a message outlining the next few items on their itinerary, along with the local time and weather, as well as maps and directions to their next destination.

    World Mate Live will be supported on all Etisalat offered Blackberry Smart phones. Etisalat currently offers Five Models of Blackberry Smart phones, 8700, 8100, 8310, 8800 and 8820.

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